Dartford Grammar School for Girls

Year 9

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  • Introduction to Ethical Theories
  • Medical Ethics
  • Altruism
  • Altruism challenge
  • Media
  • Happiness
Global Society
  • Britain in a global context - patterns of migration and examination of push and pull factors
  • Examination of different migratory flows and their impact on British society - similarities and differences and changes to British society.
  • Irish migration
  • Russian Jewish migration in 19th century
  • Migration from the Indian subcontinent
  • Migration from the West Indies 
  • Examination of Black British History since 1945 focussing on injustices and subsequent changes to British society
  • Staying safe online; social media, the laws governing the internet, online trolls, safe uses of the internet
  • A healthy mind and body; body image, eating disorders, healthy eating and the importance of exercise
  • Relationships and the law; legal benefit of marriage, forced marriages, the notion of consent, what a healthy relationship constitutes
  • Your future business; How to start a business, how to identify a gap in the market, how to present an idea to potential investors, how taxes work