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Please see below for a full list of both Main School Uniform and PE Kit.


Uniform Policy 2023/24Uniform Sixth Form Dress Code and Appearance 2023/24


Please note that students' shoes need to conform to our rules, please click here to see

Please see links below for purchasing our uniform.

We have two suppliers, TFS in Dartford (Spital Street) and Price and Buckland (online).

TFS School Uniform website

Price and Buckland 

MESSAGE FROM TFS School and Dancewear Ltd

Parents/carers are strongly encouraged to avoid, as much as possible, the inevitable rush in late August.  TFS offer an appointment system, please phone 01322 291838 from mid-June onwards.   This means that even if there is a queue, you will jump it if you have a booked appointment.  Appointments take between 30 minutes and one hour.  Only one parent/carer should accompany the child for their appointment.  Customers are not encouraged to visit the shop without an appointment, except for collections etc., but if they do staff will do their utmost to serve them around booked appointments.

The seemingly obvious solution is to buy uniform using the online store, however, unless you are confident of your child’s size TFS encourage you to book an appointment and come to the store, especially for new Year 7 students, as returns/exchanges will only slow down the delivery of online orders.

TFS offer a payment plan to assist if you would like.  Once you have had your appointment, you can reserve the uniform upon payment of a 10% deposit.  After that, you can pay it off either weekly or monthly and then collect the uniform when it is fully paid.

TFS School and Dancewear Limited