Dartford Grammar School for Girls

Vision, Values & Aims


At Dartford Grammar School for Girls, our vision for the whole school community is “Working together to achieve academic excellence and personal potential”.


The principal values of our school community are:



Dartford Grammar School for Girls has provided first rate education for able students since 1904. As we embrace the ever changing opportunities and challenges of the 21 century, we will continue to uphold the traditions, values and high expectations of an exceptional grammar school within an innovative, creative and progressive framework.

At Dartford Grammar School for Girls we therefore aim to:

    1. Provide students with every opportunity to flourish academically and develop their skills and talents as individuals

    1. Be a vibrant, safe and happy school, with a strong sense of community and responsibility to both ourselves and others 

    1. Challenge and stimulate the minds of our students through excellent teaching, diverse learning opportunities, and a rich, balanced curriculum

    1. Offer an extensive extra-curricular programme that enriches and extends the curriculum, encouraging students to explore and develop their personal interests

    1. Tailor personalised and specialist support and guidance to meet the needs of learners, helping each student to reach their potential

    1. Work in close partnership with parents/carers and members of the wider community to provide the best possible education for our students

    1. Develop wide ranging opportunities for student leadership, to enable students to develop the skills, knowledge and qualities they will need to be leaders in the future

  1. Support and encourage our students to develop as global citizens and to make a significant contribution to the wider world