Dartford Grammar School for Girls

The Specialisms

“The science specialism is an example of excellent partnership working”   



Dartford Grammar School for Girls was the first school in Kent to be designated as a Science Specialist School in 2003. At our first successful redesignation in November 2007, we were identified as a high performing school and invited to apply for a second specialism in Maths and I.T. We have continued to build on our very strong foundations, improving examination results in the specialist areas, widening the range of science-based courses on offer and increasing uptake on science-based courses.

The Specialisms funding has contributed to a range of new IT facilities, including two additional IT rooms, a language laboratory and data projectors in all classrooms, all of which greatly enhance the learning experience of our students.    

We have built a reputation for delivering an outstanding range of curriculum enhancement activities, both for our students and for students in our partner schools.  The fantastic mural which is in place in the stair well leading to the Key Stage 4 area was a project designed and produced by Sixth form students for their Arts Award in collaboration with Science.

Within the community, we have inspired and enthused thousands of students with a variety of shows, workshops, competitions and events, the largest of which is our annual Science Fair.  Each year, this brings hundreds of student visitors to the school from numerous primary and secondary schools and provides leadership opportunities for many of our own students. 


We work with an impressive range of external partners – from local businesses, schools and universities to international organisations.  For example, annual Npower Enthuse workshops are enjoyed by the whole of Year 8 who gain a clearer understanding of engineering and possible careers as a result.

We have also impacted on the Science provision of secondary schools across Kent by “up-skilling” Science Technicians in Kent through providing CLEAPSS training for over 1000 technicians and NVQ level 2, 3 and 4 qualifications to over 100 technicians.

Articles relating to the Specialisms feature regularly in the school Newsletter.