Dartford Grammar School for Girls

Trips and Consent


For all educational visits the Visit Leader will prepare a letter to parents/carers providing specific information about the visit.  The letter will include a link to a Google Consent Form which will request consent from the parent/carer and must be completed for all students before they can attend the visit.  Students without a completed consent form will not be allowed to take part in the visit.


The Google Consent Form will also clarify specific information in regards to their daughter/son, such as up to date medical records or whether they are entitled to a free school meal.  Data collected through the Google Consent Forms is kept secure in line with The Arete Trust Data Protection Policy.


The Google Consent Form is specific to the type of visit, and is characterised as below:

  • Day Visits

  • Overnight UK and/or Adventurous Activities

  • Overnight Overseas

  • PE Seasonal Consent

If you require any information about education visits please email trips@dartfordgrammargirls.org.uk



Visits - Dress Code and Code of Conduct